“I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help that I’m so popular.”

Mean Girls





“Vegan” Is Just a PC Word for “Anorexic”

Bubble Dresses Were Never Okay

Illegalize Crocs

The Basics

Name: Paige Andrews
Class: Junior
Birthday: June 6
Star sign: Gemini
Relationship status: So many boys, so little time . . .

About Me

Welcome to Paige’s page, beyotches! I’m the queen of the Bradford social scene and way hotter, cooler, and all–around more fabu than you (trust me on this one). Try not to hold it against me. I’m tons of fun–unless you cross me, in which case, BEWARE. I’ve been known to hold a grudge and I’d never turn my nose up at some juicy (and useful) gossip. I’m the life of any party (especially since the party doesn’t really start until I get there).

A note to all of you hotties out there: I’m always up for some fun, but the thought of commitment gives me hives. If you want a shot with me, you’d better be able to keep up!

My Favs

Activities: Bradford Prep social committee.

Interests: Shopping, gossiping,, partying, dancing, hanging out, hot guys with vintage sports cars.

Music: Gwen Stefani, Sublime, Fallout Boy, Amy Winehouse, The Shins, The Ravonettes, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Pink, Avril Lavigne.

Books: The Au Pairs (Melissa de la Cruz), The A List (Zoe Dean), Pretty Little Liars (Sara Shepherd), Gossip Girl (Cecily Von Ziegesar), Chasing Harry Winston (Lauren Weisberger), anything by Jackie Collins.

TV shows: Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Privileged, America’s Next Top Model, The Hills.

Movies: Clueless, Mean Girls, Heathers, Jawbreaker, Bring It On, Legally Blonde.

Hangouts: Smooch, Saketini Lounge, Soirée, Eviama Life Spa, Garren (in NYC, when he doesn’t come to me).

Hot spots: Vegas, Fiji, Nice, Florence, Turks and Caicos.

Pop Quiz

Who’s the bigger gossip?







FrontPaige is hotness personified. Seriously, dudes–check it.



OMG, Paige, I sooo totally heart your new haircut. Obvs La Lohan copied her side bangs from you! I’m going to get a trim tomorrow—do ya think bangs would look good on me, too?



Nice hair. Hot body. Raging coke whore?