“A girl has to indulge herself.”

Sarah Jessica Parker





No More Drama Queens

Professional Children’s Theater Group

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Fortune Cookie

“Don’t be humble. You’re not that great.”

The Basics

Name: Kiara White
E-mail: dramakween@bradfordprep.com
Class: Freshman
Birthday: November 10
Star sign: Scorpio
Relationship status: “Some love stories aren’t epic novels; some are short stories.” —Carrie Bradshaw
[Um, for those of you who are a leetle bit slower—I prefer the short story to the epic novel. Not a heavy reader.]

About Me

If you don’t recognize me, it’s because I’m new to Bradford. But don’t worry—I’ll be a household name before too long. I just transferred from NYC, where I was attending a special performing arts school with lots of other budding actors (most of whom had nothing on me, I tell you!). Mom and Dad wanted me closer to home in a “more normalizing environment.” I can’t wait until they figure out what really goes on here.


Then again—what they don’t know can’t hurt me, right? Let’s keep all the juicy gossip just between us, pretty please. . . .

My Favs

Activities: The Theatre, Bradford Prep drama department.

Interests: Acting (not Method, please, who has time for that?), photo ops, honing my craft, Variety.

Music: Beyonce, XTina, Britney (homegirl is so primed for a comeback), Madonna, and Broadway soundtracks (esp. Rent, Avenue Q, Spring Awakening, and Wicked).

Books: Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, A Doll’s House, The Crucible. I do love books that deal with life backstage, à la the series The Show and Drama.

TV shows: Now and forever: Sex and the City. Could there be any better love letter to the Big Apple? Also, any reality show where people compete for a part on a TV show or a movie (like the soap star one or the one with the scream queens), plus any reality show that peddles the idea that all you need in order to become famous is to allow MTV to film you drunk for a few weeks in a row. On the one hand: gross, but on the other: call me!

Movies: Sex and the City (noticing a trend here?), Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, Romeo + Juliet, Camp, Center Stage, 10 Things I Hate About You (in the end? When she reads the sonnet? SOB.).

Hangouts: I’m still new, and a little stuck on my favorite NYC places: Buttercup Bake Shop, Alice’s Tea Cup, Max Brenner’s in the East Village. Also a big fan of Bowlmor Lanes. I need a tour of the cool places to go in Philly, pronto–any volunteers?

Hot spots: Seriously, we’ve been everywhere, but I heart the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. I just got my diving certification so CJ’s going to take me out on the boat over spring break. Woo hoo!