“We fly high, no lie, you know this. (Ballin’!)”

—Jim Jones


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Cap’nCrunch G’Money



The Basics

Name: C.J. White
Class: Junior
Birthday: August 1
Star sign: Leo
Relationship status: no shame in my game

About Me

What up, playa? If you don’t know me, then you haven’t set foot in the Bradford gym in a decade or so; I’ve been an All–State point guard for three years. My dad is the GM for the Sixers, so I get sweet access to the luxury boxes at all the games. Show me that you’re down and you can come with.

My Favs

Activities: Varsity basketball, track.

Interests: B-ball, running, fantasy sports, rollin’ to AC with my bros, ladies who know the difference between a rebound shot and Rhianna.

Music: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Fifty Cent, Biggie (RIP), Chris Brown, Three 6 Mafia. You get it.

Books: Not much, but I do check out Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and I do read some bios of famous athletes and some Stephen King. Not much time to read, though.

TV shows: SportsCenter, NBA and college basketball, NFL, boxing, and DVD episodes of Sports Night. I also dig Friday Night Lights and 24.

Movies: Hoop Dreams, White Men Can’t Jump, the Bourne movies, any Will Ferrell sports movie.

Hangouts: My basketball court, or with the lovely Bradford ladies, any hip hop club in the greater Philly-AC-NYC area.

Hot spots: Weekends in Atlantic City at the 40/40 Club, Aruba, the Delano or the Shore Club in South Beach, diving in Cozumel, dancing in Ibiza.

Bumper Stickers

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